Transcript Capture and Transfer Credit Evaluation

Respond to transfer students faster with automated transcript data capture and processing

An efficient transcript capture and transfer credit evaluation (TCE) process is a win-win situation. Students save money and time while the institution boosts enrollment and student satisfaction. But manual, paper-based review can make these processes slow and cumbersome — forcing students to wait weeks or even months to receive equivalency decisions. A wait that can cost you best-fit students.

With Hyland transcript capture and TCE solutions, institutions cut out those manual tasks and get decisions out much faster. To achieve this our solutions:
  • Pull demographic, term course and grade data from transcripts and stores them automatically
  • Search for course equivalencies already accepted by the institution and automatically add new matches to the student information system (SIS) as they are identified
  • Update the SIS automatically, removing error-prone manual data entry

These efficiencies lead to faster turnarounds times on admit decisions and more accurate equivalency evaluations, improving your chances of enrolling best-fit students and giving your institution a competitive advantage

Speed up transfer credit evaluations by automating student transcript processing and review

With a Hyland solution, you can inform students of how their previous courses will fit into their chosen academic programs sooner, eliminating the waiting game. And because advisors are armed with the most current information, they’re able to guide and encourage students to register for the correct courses from the beginning. 

The system reads data from transcripts accurately so students are awarded the proper credit the first time. Staff can either scan paper transcripts or import transcripts received electronically. The solutions reads the data automatically to capture course information — replacing tedious, manual data entry.